NTB is extremely excited to begin offering weekend training workshops at NTB Unleashed! Designed to focus on some habits we've turned our heads on for juuust a little too long, our workshops will help you troubleshoot these not-so awesome quirks and give you the tools and peace of mind to handle your furry little devil no matter what they throw at you! Each workshop is 1 hour and costs $25. 


Leash Manners 101

In this one hour, hands-on class, you will learn the basics of being a good on-leash dog handler. We will cover dog greeting etiquette, leash safety, and training techniques. At the end of our workshop, you will know:

  • how to properly hold a leash,
  • how to lead your dog,
  • how and when to reward your pup for walking nicely
  • how to correct/prevent bad manners.

You will receive personal feedback and training tips to help make you and your dog the best walking duo on the streets!

Our next Leash Manners class will be held at 11am on September 16th. To get signed up, you must complete the new client registration, and call our front desk to reserve a spot! 615-712-9386