Prospective Client information

We believe quality pet care starts with communication and trust. That’s why we take the time to meet you in your own home to develop a relationship before your first service. Our consultation process is designed to get to know your pets, needs, and quirks, but more importantly for you to get an understanding about our values and how we operate in order to build that trust on day one.

During your scheduled consultation, our experienced, caring management staff will start by asking you important details about your work, schedule, and who else cares for your pets. We will then get to understand your pets and your pets’ needs in order to put together a comprehensive recommendation of the services that will best fit your family’s needs. Our consultation is a great time to ask us personal and professional questions to get to know us, as we enjoy getting to know each and every one of you as well.

Consultations are required for new or prospective clients, and cost $50. This fee covers your first service.

If we believe we are not the best fit or are unable to help with a specific need, we will waive your consultation fee and help to give you our best recommendations of quality pet care providers that may be able to offer the best service for you.