Welcome to Nashville's newest premiere daycare and boarding facility, located at 2407 Dickerson Pike. Open from 6am - 8:30 pm, we offer Nashville's longest and most flexible hours and pride ourselves on promoting a fun, positive experience for your dog! For any questions regarding our services, please call us at (615) 679-8444

Free evaluation day to get acquainted with the NTB family

Evaluation days are extremely important for our staff and your pup, as we want every dog to feel comfortable at daycare. We spend 2 hours watching closely to make sure your dog is showing all the right signs that they'll love it here! If our evaluation shows that your dog isn't suited for daycare, this doesn't mean you've failed as a parent! Many dogs prefer the comfort of their own home while you're out of the house. We proudly offer dog walking services to guests that need some extra exercise but don't want any pesky puppies running between their legs all day.

We Train and Play throughout the day

Rewarding positive behaviors is an integral part of every day when your dog is at home, so why should it be any different at daycare? Our staff works to reinforce good behavior using positive training methods throughout each day. We take the time to work with small groups at a time on basic sits, downs, and stays that are sometimes hard to work on at home after a long day at work. Daycare training also gets your dog paying attention in a distracted environment, further helping to hone your pup's listening skills!

Tour our facility

Tours of our facility will be conducted upon pick up of your evaluation day with us! To set up your eval day, please email us at ntbdaycare@gmail.com or call 615-679-8444. 

Daycare Pricing

Single Visit: $35 (2 dogs - $55)

10 day package: $32/day

1/2 day (less than 5 hours): $25

*packages expire 3 months after purchase*


M-F: 6 am-8:30 pm

Weekends: 6 am-11 am, 3:30 pm-8 pm