Pup of the Week: Grover

Tail Blazer: Grover

Breed: Siberian Husky

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite things: Breakfast time, laying in the pool, and scaling fences

Best friend at Unleashed: His girlfriend, Ruby!

Daycare personality: Grover is a very expressive dog - from his sardonic expressions and frequent vocalizations to his ability to ditch a playgroup by jumping the fence when he's bored, we always know exactly how Grover feels. He loves to wrestle, and anyone is fair game. He's got a full roster of regular playmates, but if Ruby's around, Grover won't want anybody else! When he's finally tired out, you can find him lounging in a kiddie pool, watching over the action with an indolent gaze.

What we love most about him: That signature husky howl - Grover always tells us what he's thinking! 

Pup of the Week: Madison

Tail Blazer: Madison

Breed: Goldendoodle

Neighborhood: Sylvan Park

Favorite things: Splashing in the pool, playing chase, lounging in the shade

Favorite toys: Leaves and sticks, balls and rope toys - Madison loves them all!

Daycare personality: Madison kicks off every day with a sunny attitude and a load of puppy energy. She launches right into playing with her pals - she's got a crew of fellow puppies who love to wrestle and chase each other around, but she can hang with the big dogs, too. After a morning hard at play, you can usually find her taking long breaks in a shady corner on her favorite chair.

What we love most about her: Madison is unfailingly sweet and can always make us laugh with her mop of (often wet) curls bouncing as she runs.

Pup of the Week: Lorna

Tailblazer: Lorna Sioux

Breed: Hound mix

Neighborhood: Green Hills

Favorite things: Treats, belly rubs, laying on her parents' bed, and rolling in the grass

Favorite toys: Squeaky toys and chews

Walk personality: Lorna is a very polite walker who loves taking in the new smells around her neighborhood. She likes exploring new routes, but definitely has her favorite spots that she has to check out when we're out. And she's always on the lookout for squirrels!

What we love most about her: Lorna is the sweetest pup you could ask for. Only the rain deters her from enjoying her time outside, and she's always game for a cuddle session after her walk.

Pup of the Week: Penny

Tail Blazer: Penny

Breed: Golden Retriever

Neighborhood: Hillsboro-West End

Her favorite things: Playing soccer and chewing up sticks

Favorite toy: A soccer ball, of course!

Walk personality: Penny is very strong-willed: if she wants to stop for a sniff, or crawl under a bush for some shade, you might be there for a little while. But she can always be enticed to continue if you throw a stick ahead for her! And she's always game to climb some stairs around her apartment complex.

What we love about her: Her gregarious nature, big personality, and hilarious quirks make Penny a joy to be around. 

Pup of the Week: Froggie

Tail Blazer: Froggie

Breed: Hound mix

Neighborhood: Rolling Mill Hill

Her favorite things: Froggie loves play dates with her BFF, Charlie, and enjoys hanging out on her patio, always keeping a close watch on the neighborhood happenings.

Favorite toy: Social butterfly that she is, Froggie would rather play with another dog than a toy. But in a pinch, a good stick or bone to chew will do.

Walk personality: Froggie is a 'carpe diem' kind of girl who never misses an opportunity to lay down, roll around, and hang out in the first big patch of grass she finds. She would much rather soak up a few rays or sniff around in her grass patch than walk.

What we love about her: She always has a smile on her face and the cutest little trot when she walks.

Pup of the Week: Peaches

Tail Blazer: Peaches

Breed: Pitbull

Neighborhood: Germantown

Her favorite things: Belly rubs, making new friends (especially people carrying food!), watching PBS

Favorite toy: A meaty bone, or a rope toy to destroy

Walk personality: Peaches takes it all in when she's on a walk - nose to the ground at all times, but always on the lookout for passersby to greet. She has a willful streak, too - she's mastered the stink-eye for when you try to move her along from whatever spot she's sniffing.

What we love about her: Nothing brightens your day like Peaches bouncing around in joyful circles when you come in the door, or hurling herself onto your lap for a snuggle session on the couch; she's definitely not shy about expressing her affection!

Pup of the Week: Theo

Tailblazer: Theo

Breed: Brittany

Neighborhood: Belle Meade

His favorite things: Playing fetch, greeting his neighbors while he's out and about, and getting as muddy as he can on wet spring days.

Favorite toy: His red rubber ball, as seen above!

Walk personality: Theo loves to explore along the way, and he always has to find a stick to chew on every walk.

What we love most about him: Theo is so excited when we get there, wagging his stubby little tail, and he's always ready to go, rain or shine!


Pup of the Week: Griffin

Tailblazer: Griffin

Breed: Labradoodle

Neighborhood: White Bridge

Favorite things: Sticks, sticks, and more sticks! He has quite a stockpile built up in the backyard. 

Favorite toy: His red ball.

Walk personality: Griffin's very enthusiastic and loves to smell everyone and everything along the way.

What we love most about him: His infectious smile!


Pup of the Week: Henry

Tail Blazer: Henry

Breed: Long-haired Dachshund

Neighborhood: Midtown

His favorite things: Wrestling any challenger, regardless of size; perching on the highest point he can reach to watch the world go by; snuggling - this boy loves to get cozy the second you sit down!

Favorite toy: Any stray sock or piece of trash he can beat his humans to!

Park/Daycare personality: Everybody's a friend, and he'll join in with whatever the action is - play fighting, digging, chase, you name it - Henry's always in the thick of things!

What we love most about Henry: Everything? Henry is the perfect combination of scrappy fearlessness and happy-go-lucky cheerfulness.

Pups of the Week: Hattie Z and Tallulah

Tail Blazers: Hattie Z and Tallulah

Breed: Border Collie and Border Collie mix

Neighborhood: Sylvan Park

Their favorite things: Tallulah loves to fetch tennis balls; Hattie loves to chase Tallulah when she's fetching tennis balls. They're also hardcore wrestlers.

Favorite toy: If it can be shredded, they'll play with it

Walk personality: The girls need a firm hand, a short leash, and a fast pace!

What we love most about them: Their long, jubilant greetings and sweet snuggles 

Pup of the Week: Charlotte

Tail Blazer: Charlotte

Breed: Shih-Tzu/Chihuahua mix

Neighborhood: West Meade

Her favorite things: Chasing her frisbee and licking your face!

Toy of choice: Her little stuffed lamby (who's no longer stuffed...)

Walk personality: Pound-for-pound, Charlotte might just be one of Nashville's strongest dogs! When she gets her noise on a scent, she's going going to get there whether you're ready for it or not. 

What we love most about her: Charlotte takes a little while to warm up to strangers, but once you're in her inner circle there is no dog happier to see you! Her welcome wiggles and whines are the reason we love our job so much, and we might be more sad to leave her than she is at the end of each visit.

Pup of the Week: Harper

Tail Blazer: Harper

Breed: Herding dog mix

Neighborhood: Salemtown

Her favorite things: Making new friends at the park, Benebone wishbone chews, belly rubs

Treat of choice: Three Dog Bakery Vanilla Creme Cookies

Walk personality: Efficient. Harper doesn’t dawdle, doesn't pull, and knows exactly what route she wants to take to fill our 25 minutes.

What we love most about her: Harper takes a while to warm up to new people, so the first time you get a big greeting, you know you've earned a rare spot in her inner circle.

Pup of the Week: Lizzie

Tail Blazer: Lizzie

Breed: Shepherd mix

Neighborhood: Salemtown

Her favorite things: Rolling around on her back in the grass, festive collars, patrolling for squirrels

Treat of choice: Milo's Kitchen jerky strips

Walk personality: You can always count on a good workout with Lizzie - she's got lots of pep in her step on even the hottest summer days!

What we love most about her: When she pops her head up into the window of the front door when she hears you coming up to the house.