Pup of the Week: Winnie

Tail Blazer: Winnie

Breed: English Bulldog

Neighborhood: East Nashville

Her favorite things: Getting muddy, playing soccer with one tennis ball while carrying another in her mouth, relaxing on the highest perch she can reach on the couch.

Favorite toy: A ball of any kind

Play personality: Winnie is most content with some kind of toy in her mouth - once she's got something to carry around, she's happy to engage in whatever her friends are doing, whether it's a wrestling match or a game of chase. Winnie's short nose means she heats up and tires out quicker than other dogs, so she needs lots of breaks from the action. But when she's going, she's always going hard!

What we love about her: Winnie's a total ham - her goofy personality, silly antics, and expressive face always keep us in stitches!