Pups of the Week: Luna and Gio

Tail Blazers: Luna and Gio

Breed: Whippets

Neighborhood: White Bridge

Their favorite things: Luna has been mastering the art of flipping her kennel upside down (while inside) and pushing it as far as she can across the house. To date, her personal record is about 12 feet. She is cheered on by her brother, Gio, who enjoys the show from afar, wrapped in mounds of blankets on the couch.

Favorite toy: "Who needs toys when you can jump and play all over Gio and every piece of furniture in the house??" - Luna

Walk personality: Gio likes to take his time on walks, really take in his surroundings, and breathe the fresh air, while Luna trots full speed ahead, always eager to get to the final destination.

What we love most about them: Gio's gentle, loving demeanor perfectly compliments Luna's kooky, energetic charm. Together they are a duo we could never forget!