Pup of the Week: Wally

Tail Blazer: Wally

Breed: Supermutt

Neighborhood: East Hill

Favorite things: Playing chase and getting butt scratches

Daycare personality: Wally is the life of the party as soon as he arrives at Unleashed. His boundless energy is usually spent getting the rest of the crowd chasing him, but he also loves to wrestle, especially with his friend Lucy. He's a quick and scrappy pup - not many could catch him, and he's not one to back down from rough play. His breaks from the action are brief and rare, but it's always a nice surprise when he nuzzles up to get some belly rubs.

What we love most about him: Those piercing yellow eyes and the way he can suddenly appear at your side, leaning into your leg for some love.

Pup Profile: Molly, Toby, and Riley

Tail Blazers: Molly, Toby, and Riley

Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Toby and Riley), Terrier (Molly)

Neighborhood: Charlotte Park

Their favorite things: This trio loves hanging out in their backyard, sniffing around and chasing squirrels.

Favorite toys: Riley is the toy lover of the bunch, always happy to have a plush toy or stick. The other two are less interested, although Toby will sometimes play fetch with a stick, too.

Walk personality: These three prefer to enjoy their own yard during their visits. Molly, Toby, and Riley are a tight-knit pack. If one is barking, the others will abandon their toys and squirrel-chasing pursuits and come running to see what's up.

What we love about them: They are (usually) great listeners, and they are all super affectionate and loving!