Pup of the Week: Snow


Tail Blazer: Snow

Breed: American Eskimo Dog mix

Neighborhood: South Inglewood

Favorite things: car rides, snuggles on the couch, having a good chew

Treat of choice: any kind of goodies from his BarkBox

Daycare personality: Snow packs a lot of charisma and personality into a small body. He's an attentive guard dog, always the first to let passersby know that they're on his turf here at Unleashed. He can be tempted into a wrestling match or game of chase on occasion with the right crew, but mostly he prefers to observe the action from a shady corner, like a prince watching over his subjects. And if you're sitting still you can be sure that you'll feel Snow's head wiggling under your hand, encouraging you to start petting him.

What we love most about him: His indomitable upbeat attitude, his gravity-defying bounciness, and his striking good looks