Pups of the Week: Ruby and Willow

Tail Blazers: Ruby and Willow

Breed: Boxer mix (Ruby) and Pit mix (Willow)

Neighborhood: The Nations

Favorite things: Giving kisses, getting belly rubs, sniffing everything they can reach while out on walks

Favorite toys: They love to steal each other's toys, so whatever Ruby has is Willow's favorite, and vice versa!

Daycare personalities: Ruby is always on the go and over-the-top - if she's not in the thick of a wrestling match with a few other dogs, she's giving very intense love and affection to the nearest human. Willow tends to keep to herself a little more and has a more subdued energy level (compared to her sister, at least!). She can play-fight with the rowdiest pups when she wants to, but after five or ten minutes going hard, she's ready to find a quiet corner - or a lap - for a snooze.

What we love about them: Ruby and Willow are the life of the party everywhere they go, and it would be hard to find a sweeter pair of pups! 

Pup of the Week: Peaches

Tail Blazer: Peaches

Breed: Pitbull

Neighborhood: Germantown

Her favorite things: Belly rubs, making new friends (especially people carrying food!), watching PBS

Favorite toy: A meaty bone, or a rope toy to destroy

Walk personality: Peaches takes it all in when she's on a walk - nose to the ground at all times, but always on the lookout for passersby to greet. She has a willful streak, too - she's mastered the stink-eye for when you try to move her along from whatever spot she's sniffing.

What we love about her: Nothing brightens your day like Peaches bouncing around in joyful circles when you come in the door, or hurling herself onto your lap for a snuggle session on the couch; she's definitely not shy about expressing her affection!