Labrador Retriever mix

Pup of the Week: Charlie

Tail Blazer: Charlie

Breed: Black Lab mix

Neighborhood: Sylvan Park

Favorite things: Giving hugs, playing with her food, curling up in the armchair during breaks

Favorite toy: A ball!

Daycare personality: Charlie is always raring to go first thing in the mornings; she's usually the one to kick off the day's play when she's boarding at Unleashed. She's into a little bit of everything - tug of war, chase, and wrestling - and she'll work her way around to everybody until she finds somebody ready to engage with her. Her puppyish exuberance is always entertaining and draws out even the most reluctant, shy pups. And once she's played out, Charlie is always happy to share a hug with her human friends, too, very sweetly placing her paws on your shoulders.

What we love most about her: Charlie's sweet, easygoing nature and big smile make her a delight to have around.