Pup of the Week: Hazel

Tail Blazer: Hazel

Breed: Husky mix

Neighborhood: Eastwood

Favorite things: Wrestling, perching on the ramp, long naps

Best friends at Unleashed: Lily and Benmont

Daycare personality: Hazel is not a morning pup. Rarely does she bound straight into the middle of the group to start playing the moment she arrives; she prefers to lounge on the deck or ramp for an hour or so before she thinks about joining the fray. Even then, Hazel tends to be selective about her play companions. One-on-one wrestling with Lily or Benny is her jam, and she'll even horse around with us humans if her pals are resting. From time to time, though, she gets revved up enough to get a bigger crowd chasing her in figure-8s along the sidewalks, and it's always fun to watch. Whatever she's up to and whatever mood she's in, Hazel brings a positive vibe to the group!

What we love most about her: Her hugs and her playful demeanor!

Pup of the Week: Grover

Tail Blazer: Grover

Breed: Siberian Husky

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite things: Breakfast time, laying in the pool, and scaling fences

Best friend at Unleashed: His girlfriend, Ruby!

Daycare personality: Grover is a very expressive dog - from his sardonic expressions and frequent vocalizations to his ability to ditch a playgroup by jumping the fence when he's bored, we always know exactly how Grover feels. He loves to wrestle, and anyone is fair game. He's got a full roster of regular playmates, but if Ruby's around, Grover won't want anybody else! When he's finally tired out, you can find him lounging in a kiddie pool, watching over the action with an indolent gaze.

What we love most about him: That signature husky howl - Grover always tells us what he's thinking!