Pup of the Week: Grover

Tail Blazer: Grover

Breed: Siberian Husky

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite things: Breakfast time, laying in the pool, and scaling fences

Best friend at Unleashed: His girlfriend, Ruby!

Daycare personality: Grover is a very expressive dog - from his sardonic expressions and frequent vocalizations to his ability to ditch a playgroup by jumping the fence when he's bored, we always know exactly how Grover feels. He loves to wrestle, and anyone is fair game. He's got a full roster of regular playmates, but if Ruby's around, Grover won't want anybody else! When he's finally tired out, you can find him lounging in a kiddie pool, watching over the action with an indolent gaze.

What we love most about him: That signature husky howl - Grover always tells us what he's thinking!