German Shepherd

Pup of the Week: Dexter

Tail Blazer: Dexter

Breed: German Shepherd

Neighborhood: West End

Favorite things: Taking a dip in the kiddie pool, wrestling, cuddling

Favorite toy: Any toy with a price tag on it in the lobby of Unleashed.

Daycare personality: Dexter brings an easygoing energy to Unleashed. He's always up for some roughhousing or running around with his friends, but he's not easily ruffled when other dogs get overzealous in their play. Instead, Dexter will defuse the situation with a step back, and maybe a long, slow play-bow to remind everyone to take it easy. Dexter's a total lover, as well; his greetings are boisterous yet always gentle. He's also the first one to check in on you if you sit down, which includes a big kiss and an attempt to climb in your lap.

What we love most about him: His full body hugs, prim posture, and just generally everything about him!

Pups of the Week: Artemis and Fynn

Tail Blazers: Artemis and Fynn

Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Fynn) and German Shepherd mix (Artemis)

Favorite things: Fynn loves playing fetch and wearing bow ties; Artemis loves giving kisses and playing chase.

Favorite toy: Fynn enjoys playing with a ball, while Artemis is less toy-focused at daycare.

Daycare personalities: Fynn is a quintessential herding dog and prefers to have a job, whether that's chasing down a ball or policing the rest of the group in their play. Artemis loves teasing other dogs into chasing her. She's quick, too - once she hits her stride making laps around the enclosure, there aren't many who can catch her. They're both happy to find a secluded spot in the shade and take a snooze during the heat of the day.

What we love most about them: Fynn's smile and intensity and Artemis's super-sweet and affectionate disposition. These two are always such rays of sunshine!

Pup of the Week: Moose

Tail Blazer: Moose

Breed: German Shepherd/Shar Pei mix

Neighborhood: West End

Favorite things: Playing fetch, wrestling with his buddies, and chewing bones

Favorite toy: A tennis ball, preferably on the end of a Chuck It

Park personality: Moose lives to chase tennis balls and can be a little aloof from the other dogs when he's in the zone. But, given the right crew of friends, Moose will come out of his shell and get rowdy, from wrestling with Hailey to tug-of-war with Moof.

What we love about him: From his intense yet loveable personality to his jauntily off-kilter ears, Moose is one-of-a-kind, and we wouldn't have him any other way!