Pup of the Week: Froggie

Tail Blazer: Froggie

Breed: Hound mix

Neighborhood: Rolling Mill Hill

Her favorite things: Froggie loves play dates with her BFF, Charlie, and enjoys hanging out on her patio, always keeping a close watch on the neighborhood happenings.

Favorite toy: Social butterfly that she is, Froggie would rather play with another dog than a toy. But in a pinch, a good stick or bone to chew will do.

Walk personality: Froggie is a 'carpe diem' kind of girl who never misses an opportunity to lay down, roll around, and hang out in the first big patch of grass she finds. She would much rather soak up a few rays or sniff around in her grass patch than walk.

What we love about her: She always has a smile on her face and the cutest little trot when she walks.