Bo Jackson

Pups of the Week: Bo Jackson and Rufio



Tail Blazers: Bo and Rufio

Relationship: Neighbors/Bromance/Two-Man Wolfpack

Neighborhood: The Nations

Their favorite things: Bo loves hose time in the backyard and chewing on anything Mom and Dad leave at mouth level, especially the walls and cardboard. Rufio loves chasing his BFF, Bo, and rolling in any type of standing water.

Walk personality: Bo's attitude is "I hate walking, pull me." Rufio spends every walk with a huge smile on his face, but really he prefers running!

Favorite Toy: Bo's is cardboard; Rufio's is other dogs.

What we love most about them: This duo will always keep you entertained. From wrestling and chasing the hose, to avoiding leaving the park, they will quickly steal anyone's heart.