Pups of the Week: Annabelle, Cody, and Ellie Mae

Tail Blazers: Annabelle, Cody, and Ellie Mae

Breed: Great Pyrenees

Neighborhood: The Nations

Favorite things: Being the fun police (Annabelle); splashing around in the pool all summer (Cody); taking a nap anywhere she darn well pleases (Ellie Mae)

Best friends at Unleashed: They're the three best friends that anyone could have!

Daycare personalities: This family of frequent boarders is true to their breed as shepherds and watchdogs - Annabelle and Cody, in particular, are quick to alert us to any funny business happening beyond our fences. These three are a unit in all things, and only occasional deign to play with other dogs. Cody is the most playful, but chilly mornings seem to bring out the frisky pup in them all, and the three of them will romp and wrestle for an hour straight. Although she's the youngest, Ellie Mae is the old soul of the group, which makes it especially sweet when she decides to join in the fray. Mostly, though, she's content to hang out and wait for ear scratches and belly rubs.

What we love most about them: Their wolf pack howl!