Pup of the Week: Dexter

Tail Blazer: Dexter

Breed: German Shepherd

Neighborhood: West End

Favorite things: Taking a dip in the kiddie pool, wrestling, cuddling

Favorite toy: Any toy with a price tag on it in the lobby of Unleashed.

Daycare personality: Dexter brings an easygoing energy to Unleashed. He's always up for some roughhousing or running around with his friends, but he's not easily ruffled when other dogs get overzealous in their play. Instead, Dexter will defuse the situation with a step back, and maybe a long, slow play-bow to remind everyone to take it easy. Dexter's a total lover, as well; his greetings are boisterous yet always gentle. He's also the first one to check in on you if you sit down, which includes a big kiss and an attempt to climb in your lap.

What we love most about him: His full body hugs, prim posture, and just generally everything about him!