Pup of the Week: Hawk

Tail Blazer: Hawk

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Neighborhood: Elmington Park

Favorite things: Chasing after beams of reflected light, rolling on the grass/turf, roughhousing with her pals

Favorite toy: Any reflection

Daycare personality: Hawk is always a joy to have in the mix at daycare. She loves to wrestle and chase other dogs and enjoys being part of the action, but she also knows when she's had enough of the hubbub. She can happily amuse herself by watching birds overhead, stalking beetles and butterflies, waiting for you to pull out your phone so she can chase the light reflecting off the screen onto the ground, or simply taking a snooze next to one of her buddies. 

What we love most about her: The intensity that she brings to everything she does, her spontaneous howls and wiggling greetings, and of course, that awesome mohawk!