Pup of the Week: Madison

Tail Blazer: Madison

Breed: Goldendoodle

Neighborhood: Sylvan Park

Favorite things: Splashing in the pool, playing chase, lounging in the shade

Favorite toys: Leaves and sticks, balls and rope toys - Madison loves them all!

Daycare personality: Madison kicks off every day with a sunny attitude and a load of puppy energy. She launches right into playing with her pals - she's got a crew of fellow puppies who love to wrestle and chase each other around, but she can hang with the big dogs, too. After a morning hard at play, you can usually find her taking long breaks in a shady corner or her favorite chair.

What we love most about her: Madison is unfailingly sweet and can always make us laugh with her mop of (often wet) curls bouncing as she runs.

Pup of the Week: Lorna

Tailblazer: Lorna Sioux

Breed: Hound mix

Neighborhood: Green Hills

Favorite things: Treats, belly rubs, laying on her parents' bed, and rolling in the grass

Favorite toys: Squeaky toys and chews

Walk personality: Lorna is a very polite walker who loves taking in the new smells around her neighborhood. She likes exploring new routes, but definitely has her favorite spots that she has to check out when we're out. And she's always on the lookout for squirrels!

What we love most about her: Lorna is the sweetest pup you could ask for. Only the rain deters her from enjoying her time outside, and she's always game for a cuddle session after her walk.

Pup of the Week: Ellie

Tail Blazer: Ellie

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Neighborhood: 12 South

Favorite things: Ellie loves playing with her BFF Josie, doing laps around the yard, and chewing on sticks

Favorite toys: Her big red ball, antler chews, and sticks

Walk personality: Ellie hangs out in her yard rather than go for walks, but she loves to play, play, play! She's a rambunctious little pup who's always on the go and the life of the party.

What we love most about her: Her sassy flair and her perpetually peppy mood!

Pup of the Week: Snow


Tail Blazer: Snow

Breed: American Eskimo Dog mix

Neighborhood: South Inglewood

Favorite things: car rides, snuggles on the couch, having a good chew

Treat of choice: any kind of goodies from his BarkBox

Daycare personality: Snow packs a lot of charisma and personality into a small body. He's an attentive guard dog, always the first to let passersby know that they're on his turf here at Unleashed. He can be tempted into a wrestling match or game of chase on occasion with the right crew, but mostly he prefers to observe the action from a shady corner, like a prince watching over his subjects. And if you're sitting still you can be sure that you'll feel Snow's head wiggling under your hand, encouraging you to start petting him.

What we love most about him: His indomitable upbeat attitude, his gravity-defying bounciness, and his striking good looks

Pup of the Week: Wally

Tail Blazer: Wally

Breed: Supermutt

Neighborhood: East Hill

Favorite things: Playing chase and getting butt scratches

Daycare personality: Wally is the life of the party as soon as he arrives at Unleashed. His boundless energy is usually spent getting the rest of the crowd chasing him, but he also loves to wrestle, especially with his friend Lucy. He's a quick and scrappy pup - not many could catch him, and he's not one to back down from rough play. His breaks from the action are brief and rare, but it's always a nice surprise when he nuzzles up to get some belly rubs.

What we love most about him: Those piercing yellow eyes and the way he can suddenly appear at your side, leaning into your leg for some love.

Pup of the Week: Charlie

Tail Blazer: Charlie

Breed: Black Lab mix

Neighborhood: Sylvan Park

Favorite things: Giving hugs, playing with her food, curling up in the armchair during breaks

Favorite toy: A ball!

Daycare personality: Charlie is always raring to go first thing in the mornings; she's usually the one to kick off the day's play when she's boarding at Unleashed. She's into a little bit of everything - tug of war, chase, and wrestling - and she'll work her way around to everybody until she finds somebody ready to engage with her. Her puppyish exuberance is always entertaining and draws out even the most reluctant, shy pups. And once she's played out, Charlie is always happy to share a hug with her human friends, too, very sweetly placing her paws on your shoulders.

What we love most about her: Charlie's sweet, easygoing nature and big smile make her a delight to have around.

Pup of the Week: Dexter

Tail Blazer: Dexter

Breed: German Shepherd

Neighborhood: West End

Favorite things: Taking a dip in the kiddie pool, wrestling, cuddling

Favorite toy: Any toy with a price tag on it in the lobby of Unleashed.

Daycare personality: Dexter brings an easygoing energy to Unleashed. He's always up for some roughhousing or running around with his friends, but he's not easily ruffled when other dogs get overzealous in their play. Instead, Dexter will defuse the situation with a step back, and maybe a long, slow play-bow to remind everyone to take it easy. Dexter's a total lover, as well; his greetings are boisterous yet always gentle. He's also the first one to check in on you if you sit down, which includes a big kiss and an attempt to climb in your lap.

What we love most about him: His full body hugs, prim posture, and just generally everything about him!

Pups of the Week: Artemis and Fynn

Tail Blazers: Artemis and Fynn

Breed: Cardigan Welsh Corgi (Fynn) and German Shepherd mix (Artemis)

Favorite things: Fynn loves playing fetch and wearing bow ties; Artemis loves giving kisses and playing chase.

Favorite toy: Fynn enjoys playing with a ball, while Artemis is less toy-focused at daycare.

Daycare personalities: Fynn is a quintessential herding dog and prefers to have a job, whether that's chasing down a ball or policing the rest of the group in their play. Artemis loves teasing other dogs into chasing her. She's quick, too - once she hits her stride making laps around the enclosure, there aren't many who can catch her. They're both happy to find a secluded spot in the shade and take a snooze during the heat of the day.

What we love most about them: Fynn's smile and intensity and Artemis's super-sweet and affectionate disposition. These two are always such rays of sunshine!

Pup of the Week: Hawk

Tail Blazer: Hawk

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

Neighborhood: Elmington Park

Favorite things: Chasing after beams of reflected light, rolling on the grass/turf, roughhousing with her pals

Favorite toy: Any reflection

Daycare personality: Hawk is always a joy to have in the mix at daycare. She loves to wrestle and chase other dogs and enjoys being part of the action, but she also knows when she's had enough of the hubbub. She can happily amuse herself by watching birds overhead, stalking beetles and butterflies, waiting for you to pull out your phone so she can chase the light reflecting off the screen onto the ground, or simply taking a snooze next to one of her buddies. 

What we love most about her: The intensity that she brings to everything she does, her spontaneous howls and wiggling greetings, and of course, that awesome mohawk!

Pup of the Week: Sophie

Tail Blazer: Sophie

Breed: Golden Retriever

Neighborhood: Hillwood

Favorite things: Chasing a ball in her backyard, splashing around in the pool, playing hide and seek on rainy days

Favorite toy: Tennis balls are Sophie's all-time favorite, although she appreciates anything that can be thrown for fetch. She will even leave her ball in her water bowl while she drinks just to keep it in sight!

Daycare personality: Sophie is a happy-go-lucky pup who enjoys human and canine company alike. She can often be found cooling off in the wading pool or roughhousing with any number of pals. Sophie also likes to check in for back scratches, snuggles, and belly rubs throughout the day.

What we love most about her: Sophie is super energetic and playful, but always loving and cuddly.

Pup of the Week: Moose

Tail Blazer: Moose

Breed: German Shepherd/Shar Pei mix

Neighborhood: West End

Favorite things: Playing fetch, wrestling with his buddies, and chewing bones

Favorite toy: A tennis ball, preferably on the end of a Chuck It

Park personality: Moose lives to chase tennis balls and can be a little aloof from the other dogs when he's in the zone. But, given the right crew of friends, Moose will come out of his shell and get rowdy, from wrestling with Hailey to tug-of-war with Moof.

What we love about him: From his intense yet loveable personality to his jauntily off-kilter ears, Moose is one-of-a-kind, and we wouldn't have him any other way!

Pups of the Week: Ruby and Willow

Tail Blazers: Ruby and Willow

Breed: Boxer mix (Ruby) and Pit mix (Willow)

Neighborhood: The Nations

Favorite things: Giving kisses, getting belly rubs, sniffing everything they can reach while out on walks

Favorite toys: They love to steal each other's toys, so whatever Ruby has is Willow's favorite, and vice versa!

Daycare personalities: Ruby is always on the go and over-the-top - if she's not in the thick of a wrestling match with a few other dogs, she's giving very intense love and affection to the nearest human. Willow tends to keep to herself a little more and has a more subdued energy level (compared to her sister, at least!). She can play-fight with the rowdiest pups when she wants to, but after five or ten minutes going hard, she's ready to find a quiet corner - or a lap - for a snooze.

What we love about them: Ruby and Willow are the life of the party everywhere they go, and it would be hard to find a sweeter pair of pups! 

Pup of the Week: Penny

Tail Blazer: Penny

Breed: Golden Retriever

Neighborhood: Hillsboro-West End

Her favorite things: Playing soccer and chewing up sticks

Favorite toy: A soccer ball, of course!

Walk personality: Penny is very strong-willed: if she wants to stop for a sniff, or crawl under a bush for some shade, you might be there for a little while. But she can always be enticed to continue if you throw a stick ahead for her! And she's always game to climb some stairs around her apartment complex.

What we love about her: Her gregarious nature, big personality, and hilarious quirks make Penny a joy to be around. 

Pup of the Week: Winnie

Tail Blazer: Winnie

Breed: English Bulldog

Neighborhood: East Nashville

Her favorite things: Getting muddy, playing soccer with one tennis ball while carrying another in her mouth, relaxing on the highest perch she can reach on the couch.

Favorite toy: A ball of any kind

Play personality: Winnie is most content with some kind of toy in her mouth - once she's got something to carry around, she's happy to engage in whatever her friends are doing, whether it's a wrestling match or a game of chase. Winnie's short nose means she heats up and tires out quicker than other dogs, so she needs lots of breaks from the action. But when she's going, she's always going hard!

What we love about her: Winnie's a total ham - her goofy personality, silly antics, and expressive face always keep us in stitches!

Pup Profile: Molly, Toby, and Riley

Tail Blazers: Molly, Toby, and Riley

Breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Toby and Riley), Terrier (Molly)

Neighborhood: Charlotte Park

Their favorite things: This trio loves hanging out in their backyard, sniffing around and chasing squirrels.

Favorite toys: Riley is the toy lover of the bunch, always happy to have a plush toy or stick. The other two are less interested, although Toby will sometimes play fetch with a stick, too.

Walk personality: These three prefer to enjoy their own yard during their visits. Molly, Toby, and Riley are a tight-knit pack. If one is barking, the others will abandon their toys and squirrel-chasing pursuits and come running to see what's up.

What we love about them: They are (usually) great listeners, and they are all super affectionate and loving!


Pups of the Week: Luna and Gio

Tail Blazers: Luna and Gio

Breed: Whippets

Neighborhood: White Bridge

Their favorite things: Luna has been mastering the art of flipping her kennel upside down (while inside) and pushing it as far as she can across the house. To date, her personal record is about 12 feet. She is cheered on by her brother, Gio, who enjoys the show from afar, wrapped in mounds of blankets on the couch.

Favorite toy: "Who needs toys when you can jump and play all over Gio and every piece of furniture in the house??" - Luna

Walk personality: Gio likes to take his time on walks, really take in his surroundings, and breathe the fresh air, while Luna trots full speed ahead, always eager to get to the final destination.

What we love most about them: Gio's gentle, loving demeanor perfectly compliments Luna's kooky, energetic charm. Together they are a duo we could never forget!

Pup of the Week: Froggie

Tail Blazer: Froggie

Breed: Hound mix

Neighborhood: Rolling Mill Hill

Her favorite things: Froggie loves play dates with her BFF, Charlie, and enjoys hanging out on her patio, always keeping a close watch on the neighborhood happenings.

Favorite toy: Social butterfly that she is, Froggie would rather play with another dog than a toy. But in a pinch, a good stick or bone to chew will do.

Walk personality: Froggie is a 'carpe diem' kind of girl who never misses an opportunity to lay down, roll around, and hang out in the first big patch of grass she finds. She would much rather soak up a few rays or sniff around in her grass patch than walk.

What we love about her: She always has a smile on her face and the cutest little trot when she walks.

Pup of the Week: Peaches

Tail Blazer: Peaches

Breed: Pitbull

Neighborhood: Germantown

Her favorite things: Belly rubs, making new friends (especially people carrying food!), watching PBS

Favorite toy: A meaty bone, or a rope toy to destroy

Walk personality: Peaches takes it all in when she's on a walk - nose to the ground at all times, but always on the lookout for passersby to greet. She has a willful streak, too - she's mastered the stink-eye for when you try to move her along from whatever spot she's sniffing.

What we love about her: Nothing brightens your day like Peaches bouncing around in joyful circles when you come in the door, or hurling herself onto your lap for a snuggle session on the couch; she's definitely not shy about expressing her affection!

Pup of the Week: Hobbes

Tail Blazer: Hobbes

Breed: Australian Shepherd

Neighborhood: West End

His favorite things: Playing non-stop, and getting filthy while he does!

Favorite treat: Any poop he can scrounge for.

Park personality: Hobbes loves any group activity, whether it's chase, wrestling, or tug of war. But he's also the Fun Police: if any other dogs start playing without him, he'll bark until they let him join in.

What we love most about him:  We're captivated by his mesmerizing good looks and charmed by how happy he is to see us every time we pop into sight!

Pup of the Week: Theo

Tailblazer: Theo

Breed: Brittany

Neighborhood: Belle Meade

His favorite things: Playing fetch, greeting his neighbors while he's out and about, and getting as muddy as he can on wet spring days.

Favorite toy: His red rubber ball, as seen above!

Walk personality: Theo loves to explore along the way, and he always has to find a stick to chew on every walk.

What we love most about him: Theo is so excited when we get there, wagging his stubby little tail, and he's always ready to go, rain or shine!