Evaluation Form

These questions are for us to get a better sense of your dog’s personality and lifestyle. We strive to be well informed about every dog in our care to provide a safe and fun experience for all. Please be as honest and descriptive as you can!

Your Dog In Public
How does your dog approach other dogs in public? *
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How does your dog react when approached by a dog who is face-licking or humping? *
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How does your dog react when growled at? *
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How does your dog greet human strangers? *
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Please explain (this does not disqualify them!)
At Home
ex. barking, whining, chewing, excessive drooling
General Behavior
How do they walk on a leash? *
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Which of these describe your dog's personality at the dog park? *
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About You
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Please Note: This form helps give us a full picture of your dog’s personality. Certain behavior traits help us recognize those that we feel will thrive in the daycare environment, and those that might excel in an in-home setting. Our focus is on your pet’s well being, and we pride ourselves on giving the best recommendations and care possible.